Shrimp Summer Rolls

Rolling into summer with our latest recipe: “Shrimp Summer Rolls”🍤🌱 You can stuff these beauties with your favorite fruits + veggies // we loved using mango & strawberries🥭 pro tip: be very gentle when wrapping your rice paper as they are very delicate!


8 sheets Rice Paper (Spring Roll Wrapper)

1lbs Pre-Cooked Shrimp

¼ cup Chopped Mint

2 Sliced Mangos

1 Sliced Avocado

6 Sliced Strawberries

1 Cup Cabbage

4 Sliced Cucumbers

*all vegetables and fruit should be cut into matchstick size pieces


In a bowl of very warm water, submerge 1 Rice Paper Wrap.

Place on plate and pat dry. Make sure all edges are flat.

Remove tails from pre-cooked shrimp and pat dry.

Leaving about and inch from one side of the paper, filling using your favorite fillings.

We place shrimp at the bottom and build on top and around.

Once full, fold the edge up over the filling and roll upward until filling is completely enclosed. Fold over the short sides like a burrito and roll it up.

Continue and fill each one a little differently for a nice surprise!

Serve with an assortment of sauces. We chose Hoisin Sauce, Peanut Sauce and Spicy Chili Oil.

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