Mediterranean Red Snapper

Close your eyes…you’re on a yacht! A yacht sailing down the Mediterranean Sea. Life is tough. You’re so OVER the French Riviera, Corsica is so last year, the Amalfi Coast is over run with tourists. Perhaps you’ll have the Captain head towards to Greece. The Butler comes up to you and refills your glass of champagne. The vintage is to your liking although life seems so humdrum just travelling on your beautiful yacht, wearing expensive clothes and working on your tan. The only highlight of your day is the fresh fish that is going to be served to you. The breeze hits you as the smell of fresh garlic, olive oil and lemon wafts through the air. Now open your eyes…you are not on a yacht! I’m sorry…I truly am! BUT you can still have some kick ass fish…and that is this recipe!


2 8oz Red Snapper Fillets

6 tbsp Olive Oil

1 Garlic Head

1 Lemon

3 tbsp Paprika 




1. Heat oven to 425 degrees F. 

2. Place fillets in a baking sheet with the skin side down. 

3. Spread Olive Oil on fish. Spread generously and feel free to use as much as your heart desires.

4. Add Paprika on top and douse with salt and pepper. 

5. Next take the juice of one lemon and pour over fish. Slice lemon and place on top. 

6. Peel garlic and place next to fish. 

7. Place in oven for 15-20 minutes. The fish should be white and flakey. 

8. Serve immediately and top with fresh lemon

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