Get StõKed! STõK Cold Brew Coffee

Are you cool for the summer? Then you will be STõKed to discover STõK Cold Brew Coffee. Their "Not Too Sweet", "Un-Sweet", and "Chocolate" Cold Brew Coffee products are everything you need and more. Trust us when we say, this is your newest summer essential. STõK is not only ridiculously refreshing but their cold brew is bold, smooth and dangerously delicious. We had the pleasure of checking these guys out at the Village Voice Choice Eats Tasting Event. They were the official coffee sponsor for the evening's festivities and damn, did they SLAY! The STõK booth was lit (literally, see photo below) and it was the perfect drink to wash down all the incredible food. So grab your favorite mason jar, fill it with ice, pour in your STõK and hit the ground running because this brew is all the liquid confidence you need :)