Excuse us while we take a moment of silence for the beauty that is Smorgasburg. This food festival is out-of-control! It is a foodie's dream come true. No matter what your craving, Smorgasburg is sure to satisfy your appetite. From: Smoked Brisket, Ramen Burger, Pulled Pork Tacos, Cheese Balls, Lamb on the Bone, Grilled Cheese or Hand Cut French Fries- we are just BEYOND in love. The festival is always packed with New York foodies who are ready to indulge and experience all the different flavor profiles that Smorgasburg has to offer. Vendors are friendly and excited to be out in the beautiful spring weather sharing their culinary genius. Prices are reasonable across the board so you are definitely able to sample a little bit of everything. We suggest you go hungry because you won't be able to resist a little bit of this and a little bit of that :) 


Worth the wait! Be fair warned, "Home Frite" is always one of the most popular vendors at Smorgasburg. With a guaranteed long line up, you can spot these bad boys a mile away. These potatoes are fresh cut right into the fryer and are deliciously crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With three different options to order from, your choices range from Original, Truffle to Dutch. We know these are huge decisions to make but we are here to tell you, we have been there and no matter which way you sway you'll be OK. Feel at ease knowing that all of their ridiculously tasty dips are the perfect accent to these cone sized fries. 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Original Fries · Hand- cut fries seasoned with their signature salt blend // Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce · Creamy and zesty made with buttermilk, fresh herbs, chipotle peppers and spices.



Brunch on a stick! This unique vendor made us stop and stare as they offered up quail eggs on a stick. Yes, you just heard us right! With a unique grill they are cracking fresh quail eggs into a hot iron skillet while carefully turning them over to take form of a cooked egg. With different flavors to choose from off their menu, these eggs are served on a skewer and smothered with toppings that can include: truffle, bacon and cheese.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: The North · Caramelized French Toast with smoked pork sausage // The West · Truffle, parmesan cheese and bread crumbs 


We admit, we were skeptics before we tried this too. We saw this unique dish popping up all over Instagram and knew we had to try it for ourselves. First of all, are you wondering what a Raindrop Cake even is? Us too! Their website says, "The Raindrop Cake is inspired by traditional Mizu Shingen Mochi from Japan. It’s a light, delicate and refreshing raindrop made for your mouth." It's cool, it's interesting and it's $8 a drop. The drop itself is pretty tasteless so whatever flavoring you add will be the perfect compliment to this wild invention. It's not for everyone but we are big believers in trying everything once! So we say: give it a try and see for yourself! 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Smoredrop · Raindrop, s'mores and marshmallows


Wowfulls is a mouthful of heaven! This guilty pleasure is inspired by 1950's- style Hong Kong egg waffles. The waffles are made of sweet egg batter and then cooked in a hot griddle shaped like a honeycomb. The waffle has a soft inside and a crispy outside and is filled with ice-cream and different flavor toppings. The combination is a perfect 10! With all the amazing options to choose from you're destined to find your perfect match. HINT: They have a different mystery flavor premiering every week!

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Chocolate Wowfull · with ice cream topped with Oreo Cookie Crumbs & chocolate banana Pocky // Original “Gai Dån Jai” Egg Waffles · with ice cream topped with fresh strawberries & strawberry Pocky


Calling on all my Vegans out there, it's time to rejoice! Finally, a delicious dairy-free ice-cream that doesn't compromise on flavor. The Alchemy Creamery products are certified vegan, certified kosher and gluten free. Their frozen desserts are a delicious alternative for not only vegans but anyone looking for a healthier alternative to creamy ice-cream treats. Check these guys out, you'll be a convert after you try their delicious creations. 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Push Pops · Almond Vanilla, Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chocolate // Strawberry Cheesecake Cone · With sprinkles 

Donut worry, be happy! Dough bakery creates donuts using a brioche type dough that comes in a selection of flavors. Dough prepares their donuts in small batches daily so customers can expect the freshest quality and the fullest flavor. These powdered sweets are a real treat and we donut know what we would do without them.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Café au Lait · Inspired by a classic coffee cake made with a roasted coffee glaze and crunchy pecan topping // Nutella Doughnuts · rolled in cinnamon sugar filled with creamy Nutella and finished with powdered sugar on top // Cinnamon Sugar · Doughnut rolled in a sweet blend of freshly ground Mexican cinnamon and granulated sugar


Forget everything you thought you knew about burgers because your life is about to be transformed forever. The Ramen Burger is a heavy hitter at Smorgasburg as it's greasy, messy and down right delicious! You can expect over 100 hungry New Yorkers waiting in line every Saturday and Sunday to grab their fix of this Ramen Burgers creation. The typical bread bun is replaced with crispy ramen noodles that surround a patty of delicious meat smothered with their delectable secret sauce. If you're debating if the long line is worth the wait, don't... It totally is! 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: The Original Ramen Burger // Teriyaki Pulled Pork Ramen Burger (Special) 


Bite Size Kitchen serves up bite-size steamed buns that will be sure to have you running back for seconds, thirds or heck maybe even more! Whenever we hit up Smorgasborg, Bite Size is the first stop on our food journey. We are always sure to grab a bun on our way in and one more on our way out... they are THAT good! So, what are you waiting for?

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Chicken Steamed Bun // Duck Steamed Bun 


A crowd favorite! The Big Mozz is just as it sounds: BIG MOZZARELLA STICKS! They say diamonds are a girls best friend but I'm pretty sure these mozzarella sticks take the lead. These guys are delivering up hand-stretched fresh mozzarella sticks that New Yorkers are going nuts over. As if your diet couldn't get even more off track, Big Mozz is popping up not once, but twice at Smorgasburg. They also run Big Mozz: Pizza, which uses the same homemade mozzarella on their made-to-order personalized pizzas. I mean, don't all diets starts Monday? Why not kill two birds with one stone and get one of each :) 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Mozzarella Sticks // Classic Margarita Pizza 


Street style sticky rice never looked so good. Bamboo Bites will transport you out of Brooklyn and onto the beach, as this authentic style Thai street food will whisk you away to a far away land. Laying on a bed of their signature coconut rice, you can top your boat off with a wide variety of toppings. They also have the most incredibly refreshing Thai iced-tea for those hot summer days. Your mom will be happy your staying hydrated and properly nourished. 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Lemon Grass Chicken // Spicy Beef & Basil Bites // Thai Chili Candied Bacon