Originally from Toronto, we were excited to move to the food capitol of the world and try everything that New York City had offer. We started compiling a 'dream list' of places we wanted try and that's where our food documenting journey began. Slowly but surely, we started checking off restaurants on our list but as we checked them off, we realized that our 'dream list' was a living breathing organism that was continuously growing and growing. We talked to everyone from New York, including: natives, visitors, tourists, food bloggers and critics, to find out what was the best of the best in the city. To date, we have dined at some of New York's most delicious restaurants. We are so excited to share our food journey with our community and give them an inside look at the many different types of cuisine New York City has offer. We eat everything from Thai, Indian, American, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Mexican... you name it, we eat it! Our love from food comes from our love of family. Food brings people together and we believe that there is nothing better then breaking bread with loved ones  



Favorite meal: Wine + Cheese

Favorite City: NYC

Favorite late night eats: Ramen

Favorite snack: Peanut Butter

Favorite cuisine: Korean food

Favorite meal: Surf + Turf

Favorite City: Paris  

Favorite late night eats: Pizza  

Favorite snack: Chocolate

Favorite cuisine: Greek food